Barta-Iso Aviation
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Think Barta-Iso Aviation When Buying A Turbine Or Jet Aircraft

Barta-Iso Aviation has been a family business enjoying an uninterrupted service for over 60 years, specializing in Beechcraft King Air's, Piper Cheyenne's and Executive Jets. We are the highest volume dealer in the world in these categories. Our philosophy is quite simple. We believe in very hard work, coupled with the finest research in the industry which makes us the logical choice for companies and individuals who value their money and equity in an aircraft.

At Barta-Iso, we believe that when you know every King Air and Cheyenne on the market or that is coming on the market, when one is constantly making real offers on these aircraft, keeps and maintains updated detailed files on each aircraft, and when one is aggressive and takes the business of buying aircraft for ourselves and our clients very seriously, coupled with exhaustive pre-buys, then one should be able to buy an aircraft at wholesale (or very close to it, definitely way below retail), and this aircraft can then be sold immediately for what our customers paid for it or at a profit. After all the sales talk, the key to our success is we keep our clients "liquid" in their aircraft. 80 percent of our business is done under exclusive buying contracts at a fixed commission - call us about our "buyer's broker program."

The net is this. With over 700 brokers to choose from today, being number one is not luck. Our repeat business is over 70% which speaks for itself. If you want the best aircraft at the best price, if you want your money liquid and safe, Barta-Iso Aviation is the company for you.

Barta-Iso is very active in exclusive purchase agreements on DH125's, Westwinds, Citations, Falcon's and other Jets.

No other dealer has sold more cargo door King Air 200's or high density Catpass King Air's then Barta-Iso Aviation. We have an entire department set up for commercial use. King Air's and Cheyenne's from infra-red mapping with camera lenses to air ambulances.

Barta-Iso Aviation is a cash buyer for all Turbo-Prop and Jet aircraft and has a multi-million dollar credit line -- We can move with lightning speed -- Pre-buy's and full payment within a three day period. If we cannot pay your price, we probably know of someone who can.

Barta-Iso Aviation has a group of over 20 corporate and individual investors who will finance an aircraft for our clients based only on the value of the aircraft. No tax returns, no red tape. Approval within 24 hours. Over 100 of our customers have used this service.

We look forward to your call or email. You will be talking with an owner, a principal like yourself. Make the right business decision and call Tred Barta or John Iso at 631-728-7375 or Fax at 631-728-7376 or email You will be glad you did!